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Knife Skills, a film by Academy Award winner Thomas Lennon, is getting some high praise from culinary greats.

Anthony Bourdain said, “Restaurants are for those of us who don’t, won’t, or can’t fit in elsewhere … Knife Skills is the compelling, funny, heartbreaking and thoroughly human story of one such place.”

The film premiered at Michael Moore’s renowned Traverse City Film Festival July 29 and won the Audience Award for Documentary Short! Among those in the audience were Mario Batali who immediately asked how he could hire EDWINS graduates.

EDWINS founder, Brandon Chrostowski, told Mario he’d put him on the waiting list behind the many other restaurants in Cleveland eager to have our alumni.

The great news is that those of us in Northeast Ohio won’t have to wait long for a chance to view Knife Skills, as it’s slated to be part of the Chagrin Documentary Film Fest in October! 

The film will show October 4 and October 5. Purchase tickets and get venue information by clicking here.

To whet your appetite for the film, view an updated trailer for Knife Skills now