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The EDWINS Model


Learn how to START, GROW AND ADVANCE your organization with a second-chance, mission-driven mindset at the core.

Based on decades of practice and work experience, EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute’s founder, CEO & President, Brandon Chrostowski, will guide you through expert insights and best practices on how EDWINS is revolutionizing the culinary industry and changing the face of re-entry.

He will work with you to instill foundational knowledge and help hone the essential skills that enabled EDWINS to resonate on a global level.

Clients are provided with the necessary tools to cultivate meaningful relationships, build a sustainable talent pipeline, and develop productive ecosystems.

Consulting is customized based on your objectives and may include guidance on how to:

  • Build or refine a business plan
  • Develop curriculum and training for returning citizens
  • Source and onboard a staff
  • Implement program recruitment and HR strategies
  • Integrate a mission-driven mindset and elements of social enterprise at all levels
  • Balance mission and enterprise

Ready to get started? Contact us at or 216-921-3333.

Success Stories

Serenite Restaurant Exterior

Fine French Dining Helping with Addiction

Each restaurant is unique, and we are adapting our fine-dining, haute cuisine model to several different communities. You can read about the first such adaptation, Serenite Restaurant, which is firmly on the path to self-sustainability and significant impact, here. While the stories are compelling, just as important as the social impact is the quality of the food and service. Check out the Yelp and OpenTable reviews and you will see: EDWINS consulting works.

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Italian Food Helping the Homeless

Our second project, Ohio City Pizzeria, partnered us with the West Side Catholic Center in Cleveland, Ohio to reopen an old school Italian restaurant that would also help employ the population that they worked with. Those who are homeless or need help finding a safe place to live.

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Next Steps

EDWINS is excited to start the conversation about your restaurant idea, and we can customize an engagement that will work with your budget.


Email us and we can schedule a time to talk!