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EDWINS Family Center

EDWINS Family Center is now open!

The center will provide free high-quality child care to children of returning citizens in a safe, stable, and caring environment. Our hope is to continue to break the cycles of poverty and incarceration and give our students and their families all of the support necessary to succeed and thrive.

Thanks to the support of the community, individual donors and foundations EDWINS was able to raise over $400,000 to make the dream of this family center a realaity.

The Family Center will follow all regulations outlined by the state of Ohio and will serve children from infancy to age 11, Monday through Saturday until 11pm. The Center is located just one block away from EDWINS, providing easy access and pick-up for families.

Why a Family Center?

– Very few child care centers are open in the evening, preventing many parents working in the restaurant industry from finding safe places for their children to stay while at work.

– According to the Center for American Progress, families living at the poverty line spend 35% of their monthly income on childcare, compared to a national average of 7%. This is unsustainable for many low income families and makes it that that much harder to be successful. Read more here.

– Historically, 79% of EDWINS students with children who begin the program do not complete it due to lack of childcare among other issues.

Support our Family Center through Donations

There are many items on our wish list for the new Family Center. We appreciate any and every donation. Thank you for your continued support.


EDWINS is grateful for our volunteers, and we always want to hear from caring, compassionate people who want to make a difference!

We are looking for volunteers to help with painting, cleaning, and organizing donations during the months leading up to our opening! Please contact Melissa at or (216) 921-3333

I have four children, the oldest is 12 and my youngest, Lennox is one. A daycare center would benefit me as a student because it will be right around the corner from where I work. I could drop Lennox off right before work and know that he is well taken care of while I’m there. It also takes a lot of pressure off his mom to take time off work and go get him, because after work I can just pick him up and go home. Lennox’s grandma is retired so he has been going to her house every day because both me and his mother work mornings. But she is sick and can barely walk, so the daycare would take so much pressure off his grandmother as well.

Luther Burks, EDWINS Student

I think it’s a great idea because some students don’t have the help or support outside of Edwins or the small circle that we already have,” says Bobi Love, a 24-year-old Cleveland native and single mother of four who just graduated the EDWINS program “It’s hard to navigate someone watching your children for you. I know I won’t have to leave in the middle of service or pay someone out of pocket to care for my children and that they will be near me, so I can go straight to them after class.
Bobi Love, EDWINS Graduate

It changes the game for a lot of people who want to have a second chance… It’s not a true second chance until someone’s got their world covered to be able to learn and live and at the end of the day, it’s beautiful, we’re proud and we’re gonna keep going.
Brandon Chrostowski, EDWINS Founder, President, CEO