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  Current Volunteer Needs

EDWINS is grateful for our volunteers, and we always want to hear from caring, compassionate people who want to make a difference!

Event Volunteers

We can always use help making sure our fundraising events are a success! If you would like to volunteer on an event committee, we’d love to have you! 
We have two events La Bastille held every July (join the committee March-June) and the 5K GRIND Run for Reentry held annually in October (join the committee Aug.-Oct.).

Please contact or call (216) 921-3333.


Niche Professional Services

Our case management team works overtime to ensure we’re removing barriers for our students, but we occasionally have needs where pro-bono professional services are necessary. This is not an all-encompassing list, but a recurring needs include:

  • Pro-bono tattoo removal
  • Pro-bono specialized legal services
  • Pro-bono technology services
  • Pro-bono web services
  • Pro-bono mechanic
  • Pro-bono hairstylist and barber

Please contact is if you are interested in providing these or other services.

Volunteer Driving Instructors

Help our students get on the road to success – literally!

We need several volunteers to help our students with driving practice. If you’re a professional driving instructor or just someone who’s patient, we’d love to pair you with a student to help them get ready to take their driver’s license test.

EDWINS can provide the car to practice in if needed, or use your own.

If interested in being a driving instructor, please contact Heather at or call (216) 921-3333.

Volunteer Second Chance Shop Sorters and Organizers

We need help sorting and organizing clothing and household good donations for students at Second Chance Shop. This involves opening bags and boxes of donated items, removing the items, determining if they are suitable for use or wear, and hanging/displaying items.

If you are interested in helping us with our organizing needs, please contact Heather at

Study Skills and Specialized Tutoring

Our tutoring needs aren’t exactly traditional, but they offer a chance to give very valuable help directly to our students.

We would love for those with skills and insight in the following areas to offer small group or individualized help for:

  • Study skills
  • Memorization techniques
  • Time management/prioritization
  • Test-taking strategies

We often have tutoring requests for those with learning disabilities. So for volunteers who have a specialty with that, we may have direct needs.

Frequency will vary, based on the volunteers’ availabilities. One time or ongoing is fine.

Additional support and guidance requests include:

  • Buying your first car (including the actual costs of car ownership with gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.) and how to avoid overpaying for a car
  • Repairing credit scores
  • Writing a business plan
  • Other ideas at our students’ requests

If interested in offering specialized help in these areas, please contact Heather at or call (216) 921-3333.

‘Done in a Day’ Small Construction Projects at EDWINS Campus

There are several ‘done in a day’ ideas that someone with mid-level construction/building skills could help us with:

  • Building shelving in our utility closet
  • Building shelving/other storage in our basement utility storage
  • Helping repair drywall in a student dorm apartment
  • Installing ceiling fans
  • Building an outside storage shed
  • New ideas arise daily!

If you are interested in helping us with our organizing needs, please contact Heather at