Todd Siwik is the EDWINS Student Spotlight of the Week. Todd is nearly halfway through the program and will be graduating in November. He had previously worked in restaurants and came to EDWINS looking to get back on that path. “The teaching and learning all the steps and processes of cooking really excites me,” notes Todd. “It’s been a lot of help and the instructors here are really good.”

Todd has enjoyed focusing on the guests during his time at EDWINS. “I enjoy when I can take charge of something and present it to my guests,” said Todd. “I love being on the (burger or bananas foster) carts so I can cook in front of our guests and make their day. Everything I do is to ensure the guests have the best experience.”

“I never realized how much the staff here put into teaching the students about cuisine and service,” remarked Todd. “You have to prove yourself every day, but I don’t think a lot of guests understand how much the staff puts into teaching us.”

He’s most proud of seeing his dishes come out correctly with the proper technique and enjoys when guests thank the kitchen for a job well done.

Todd looks to return to restaurant management after completing the EDWINS program.



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