Rebecka Hezebicks is the EDWINS Student Spotlight of the Week. Rebecka learned under another culinary program while in prison but heard about EDWINS and wanted the hands-on experience that EDWINS offers.

“I wanted to broaden my horizons when I got out and so I tried to immediately get to EDWINS,” she said.

Rebecka will finish the program in September and had prior experience in the kitchen but had to push herself to handle the front of the house.

“All the hospitality training was brand-new to me.” Rebecka said. “I got over my fear of interacting with guests and enjoyed the front of the house more than I expected.”

The back of the house came a bit more naturally to Rebecka, but she is enjoying learning new techniques and making new dishes. Her first dish she made came out perfectly and she was quite proud.

“If you’re looking for a second chance, this is the place you can start,” Rebecka remarked. “This whole program has turned my life around.”

She looks forward to securing a position at a high-end restaurant and using her skills to climb the culinary ladder.

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