Montima Harley is the EDWINS Student Spotlight of the Week. EDWINS was recommended to Montima as a way to advance in her career.

“I had a passion to cook and wanted to become a chef,” noted Montima. “I heard it was a good program and knew it could be the right fit for me.”

Montima is on pace to complete the program in November and appreciates how EDWINS has taught her to take a task from start to finish but felt particularly proud when asked to speak at this year’s La Bastille fundraiser.

“Brandon brought me to the attention of everyone to tell them where I started and where I want to go,” she said. “It was overwhelming at first to speak in front of all those people, but it made me feel important. A lot of our regulars notice me as the person who spoke at the fundraiser. It was really meaningful.”

Montima wants to work at another upscale restaurant under a chef for a few years before branching out to her own restaurant or food truck.

She is from the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood and a mother of five.

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